Beats by Kieran Hurley - Soho Theatre

Beats, written and performed by Kieran Hurley, and produced by Show And Tell, at the Soho Theatre, in Piccadilly, central London, 14 to 26 Oct 2013, as part of a National tour, including Edinburgh Festival.

A coming-of-age story exploring rebellion, apathy and the irresistible power of gathered youth. With techno. Lots of techno. Tells the story of Johnno McCreadie, a teenager living in a small suburban Scottish town at the time of the 1994 Criminal Justice Act - a new piece of legislation which effectively outlawed raves, or 'public gatherings around amplified music characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.'

With live DJ Alan Miller aka DJ Hushpuppy (original mix by Johnny Whoop) and live visuals provided by Jamie Wardrop.

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