Beautiful Burnout at York Hall from 16 Sep 2010

Frantic Assembly and National Theatre of Scotland presents Beautiful Burnout, by Bryony Lavery, at York Hall Leisure Centre, in Bethnal Green, east London, from 16 Sep to 2 Oct 2010.

Directed by Scott Graham and Steven Hoggett, designed by Laura Hopkins, lighting by Andy Purves, sound by Carolyn Downing.

Physical theatre about Scottish boxers. Cameron is going places. He’s going to see lights. He’s going to make the world take notice and kneel at his feet. He's fighting for his club, his Mum, his place in the world. And this boy is a natural. He has an affinity with the violence, the balance, the ritual, the grace, and the power. He is indestructible.

Starring Ryan Fletcher, Eddie Kay, Vicki Manderson, Lorraine McIntosh, Taqi Nazeer, Henry Pettigrew, Ewan Stewart.

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