Being Patient to raise money for Kidney Research UK

Spare Parts Theatre Company and Alex Talcer present Being Patient, written by Steven Mortimer and directed by Peter Eastland, playing the Rosemary Branch Theatre, in Islington, north London, performing from 24 to 27 Jul 2014.

The cast of Being Patient includes its writer Steven Mortimer as Pete and Franceseca De Sica as Abi.

Synopsis: 'Being Patient follows the relationship of Pete and Abi. The couple are happy together, but are trying to live a normal life while Pete is on dialysis and awaiting a kidney donation so he can have a transplant. The show follows the couple over a month period as they try and deal with both typical relationship issues like Pete’s inability to stop smoking, Abi’s desire to go on holiday and the everyday chats about friends and family, to the more serious issues of whether Pete will let Abi donate her kidney to him and if that phone will ever ring with good news from the hospital.'

Steven Mortimer's personal interest in the subject matter stems from two kidney transplants he underwent himself at a young age. The money raised from these performances will be donated to the registered charity Kidney Research UK.
Mortimer: “I found that most portrayals of transplantation dealt with the subject in an overly sentimental or fantastical way which were far removed from the day to day reality of dialysis and donation. I want to show an accurate representation of life on the transplant waiting list which will ring true my experience and that of my fellow transplantees and those still waiting for the call.”

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