Ben Barnes cast in Birdsong at Comedy from 18 Sep 2010

Ben Barnes has been cast as 'Stephen Wraysford' in Sebastian Faulks's Birdsong, in a stage version by Rachel Wagstaff, which opens at the Comedy Theatre 28 Sep 2010, following previews from 18 Sep - booking to 15 Jan 2011.

Ben Barnes's film credits include the role of Prince Caspian in two of the Chronicles of Narnia films – Prince Caspian and the soon to be released The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – as well the title role in Oliver Parker’s Dorian Gray, and roles in Stardust and Easy Virtue.

Directed by Trevor Nunn, and produced by Creative Management and Productions (CMP) / Becky Barber Productions Ltd

Tells the story of one man’s journey through an all-consuming love affair and into the horror of the First World War: While staying as the guest of a factory owner in pre-First World War France, Stephen Wraysford embarks on a passionate affair with Isabelle, the wife of his host. The affair changes them both for ever. A few years later Stephen finds himself back in the same part of France, but this time as a soldier at the Battle of the Somme, the bloodiest encounter in British military history. As his men die around him, Stephen turns to his enduring love for Isabelle for the strength to continue and to save something for future generations.

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