Bernard Shaw's Misalliance at the Tabard Theatre

Bernard Shaw's comedy Misalliance will run at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick, west London from 3-21 June 2014.

Produced by Thundermaker Productions Ltd, this forgotten classic was last seen in London in the 1980s, when it was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Before that the last West End production was in 1910. The play explores the role of family, especially the role of women in society.

"An underwear tycoon, an armed gunman, a flying polish acrobat, 8 marriage proposals and a plane crash in the greenhouse - it's just another afternoon in Surrey. Hypatia is a bored heiress to her domineering father's underwear fortune; trapped in an unhappy engagement she seeks excitement and new ideas. When a plane crashes at the bottom of the garden bringing a handsome young pilot and a female daredevil this quiet afternoon in the country is turned upside down."

The production will be directed by Nick Reed, with design by Leah Sam, lighting design by Jack Weir and costume by Jessica Miles.

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