Boiling Point, Lunchbox Theatre at the Bridewell

Give it Some Room presents Boiling Point by Rachel Barnett at the Bridewell Theatre off Fleet Street, central London from 13 to 30 May 2014. The production is part of the Lunchbox Theatre series, and runs for 45 minutes with each show beginning at 1.00pm.

"A whimsical view of 39 years of marriage as seen through the rise and fall of four kettles. If kitchen appliances could talk! The things they could tell you...” Meet Norma, the kettle from the seventies, city boy kettle Zach from the new Millennium, Derek, a novelty kettle and Erika, who is slightly too modern for words.

The cast for the production includes Elizabeth Webster, Trudy Elizabeth Hodgson, Paul Carroll, Elizabeth Jee and Jeremy Donovan.

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