Boom Bang A Bang at Lion and Unicorn Theatre 20 Sep

LoveYaFace Productions presents Boom Bang A Bang, by Jonathan Harvey, at Lion and Unicorn Theatre, a fringe venue in Kentish Town, north London , from 20 to 25 Sep 2011.

Directed by Benet Catty, designed by James Lees, cast includes Steve Lorient, Neil McCormack, Michelle Crane, Daniella Trulock, Christopher Perry, Michael Absalom,Rus Kallan

It’s 1995, Kentish Town. Lee is having a Eurovision party, the first since his partner died of a brain tumour, and not AIDS, which absent friends think to be the case. Who is Nick saving his kisses for and will Wendy and Tania be making their minds up? Steph is determined to have a gay old time no matter the cost, Roy’s dog Dykandra has had a terrible accident and meanwhile Norman just wants a mate.

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