Camden People's host 12 shows for Camden Fringe in Aug

The Camden People's Theatre, a fringe venue near Warren Street, central London, will host twelve shows of the Camden Fringe festival in August 2010.

4th - 8th August
Presented by Sketty
A devised piece that fuses new-writing, movement and puppetry to tell the true life story of Tom, a young man who, after a life-altering snowboarding accident, loses the use of his entire body from the shoulders down and is forced to rely upon the love, support and devotion of his partner, Ellen, to triumph over seeming impossibility.

A Season Before The Tragedy of Macbeth
Presented by British Touring Shakespeare
A new play by Gloria Carreno which is set immediately before the events of Shakespeare's classic tragedy Macbeth.


9th - 13th August
The Ghost of Hiroshima
by Gennys Pérez Presented by Actors of the World
A contemporary Latin American. After a devastating terrorist attack, Eva is left with David hanging from a skyscraper without any memories. Together, between life and death, they rediscover their surprising pasts and wonder if it isn't too late to choose a different path.

9.15pm Casa - Home
Presented by Lumenis Theatre Company
A theatrical dance piece choreographed by Annarita Mazzilli. Big heavy coats come to life... characters go through individual jurneys... sense of belonging and what makes a place home are questioned. A mixed ensemble of professional and non-professional dancers and actors explore cultural identity and alienation.

14th - 17th August
Presented by Hithertogoes
Spun is a piece of experimental theatre following fantastical characters through dialogue, physical theatre, and sound. Bringing a children’s drawing to life in a colorful cardboard set are women trapped in this imaginary place. They negotiate their world of people present and absent. Whilst deliberately playing on language, movement is used to express what words cannot.

The Perfect Party
Presented by Fizz Bang! Productions
Philip and Philippa try to host a wonderful birthday party for their young son. However, badly-set jelly, allergic reactions, and unfortunately chosen entertainers put paid to their plans!


18th - 21st August
by Voltaire. Presented by Teatro da Curva (Turnabout Theatre)
The journey of Candide, a young man that although living the most catastrophic situations believes that the world is as good and peaceful as it could possibly be.

Titus Andronicus
Presented by Hephaestus Productions
Shakespeare's twisted, macabre and occasionally humorous look at the conflict between national loyalty and family love.


22nd - 25th August
A Broken Part
Presented by Big Odd
A visceral theatre experience about A Portuguese Queen who defies her husband by walking the streets to feed her people. One day, caught by her husband whilst hiding bread in her apron, she lies telling him she carries roses and when she opens the apron the bread had been transformed.

Paul McCartney is Dead
Presented by Broken Glass Theatre Company
In a derelict house where jars of pickled objects press against the walls, two brothers are haunted by conspirators and ghosts. Theatre and music combine to tell a dystopian ghost story set in a world where music is forbidden.


26th - 29th August 7.45pm
The Iliad
by Homer, Presented by Drunken Masks
Epic tale of war and its consequences, brought to life through precise yet passionate physicality.

Failing Narcissus Presented by Black Dog Theatre Company.
In the party resort of Malia, Crete, the PR, the club 'Malibu's' representative is struggling to contain sobriety. All about him the revellers loose themselves in the sun, the sex and the drink. For them the mania, the carnival, is an escape, for him it is the unveiling of a condition.

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