How can I buy last minute West End theatre tickets?

Booking last minute theatre tickets couldn’t be easier with our tips. Make sure you get tickets to the best West End shows around.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Planning a West End theatre trip can be done months in advance. But sometimes, going to the theatre can be a spontaneous decision, where you’re booking theatre tickets days in advance, or even on the same day.

There’s lots of ways to get great last minute theatre tickets in London. Follow our tips for affordable last minute theatre tickets to the hottest West End shows around.

Why should I buy last minute tickets?

Find yourself struggling to choose what show to see? Buying last minute tickets can be a great way to see productions you’ve always wanted to check out if you’re undecided. Often, last minute theatre tickets are available for newer West End openings, so you can score a theatre ticket in the final moments and be the first out of your friends to see a certain show.

Want to book last minute theatre tickets with Simply select the show that you want to see and the date you would like to go to and our live seating plans will show you what seats are available immediately.

On our website, you’re able to book tickets the same day as a performance, with free ticket collection available from most venues. Strike while the iron’s hot and you can get the best last minute tickets in London at a fraction of the price.

Will my seat be at the back of the theatre?

This depends on the availability of the specific show that you’re wanting to see. There are many productions that reserve front row seating for those buying day tickets, so you could end up with seats in close proximity to the stage.

Some venues may accommodate last minute patrons to seats towards the back of the auditorium though. It is a luck of the draw in which seats you are given.

I want to see a specific show but it’s sold out, can I still get last minute tickets?

If a show is sold out, then there’s nothing you can do. You won’t be able to get theatre tickets for a sold out show.

Theatre tickets for long-running shows in London often have seats available for performances nearer to the specific performance date. It’s worth checking our last minute availability page to see which shows have tickets for performances in the coming days.

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