Capture the Flag inspired by First World War poetry

C L Theatre Collective presents the premiere of Capture the Flag, a new play by Jonathan Curry-Machado & Rodney Quinn, at the Etcetera Theatre, a 42-seat fringe venue, in Camden, north London, from 4 to 9 March 2014.

The play is directed by Petina Hapgood and cast includes Catherine Addy, Brigette Bennett, Jonathan Curry-Machado, Samanta Tamang, Marcia Tucker.

When a soldier returns shell-shocked from war, his mother is confronted by the horrific reality of life and death on the front. While an army official is set on sending him back to active service, the girlfriend who encouraged him to fight in the first place has now become a peace activist. Finding solace in the nurse who shares some of his front line experiences, he still finds it impossible to adjust to life back home. With feelings of guilt from the horrors he has seen and his obligation to his men he left on the front, does he fight for peace at home or fulfil his duty abroad for his country?

Capture the Flag is inspired by the writings of the poets of the First World War.

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