Mazz Murray and Martin Kemp

Chicago’s Martin Kemp and Mazz Murray take on our new game, Cast Mates

Will Longman
Will Longman

When the opportunity arose that Chicago stars Martin Kemp and Mazz Murray would be kind enough to drop into our office one afternoon, we decided to have a little fun with the pair and find out how working with each other every day affects actors.

We devised a game, sat them down, and asked them to answer three questions about themselves. They then had to guess how the other person answered their questions, and thus Cast Mates was born.

You can see the first in the series below. Keep your eyes peeled, as we're planning on scouring the West End for theatre's best cast mates (we're sure we can find a pair who do better than Mazz and Martin... sorry guys...)

Chicago is at the Phoenix Theatre until 5th January 2019.

Chicago tickets are available now.

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