Cockpit Theatre announce four shows

The Cockpit Theatre, in Marylebone, north London, has announced four productions..

The Little Soldiers, by Theatre Re. Dramaturge by Bernie Byrnes, from 15 May to 2 June 2013. Directed by Guillaume Pige, cast includes Malik Ibheis, Alex Judd, Guillaume Pige, Selma Roth. Set within an old circus troupe, The Little Soldiers recounts the absurd and surreal battle between two brothers pursuing the same impossible dream and how their thriftless ambition destroys their lives and the sense of their existence. Established in 2009, Theatre Re is an international company creating physical and emotional theatre on the edge of mime and theatre.)

Don't Wake Me: The Ballad of Nihal Armstrong, by Rahila Gupta, early evenings 3 to 22 June 2013. A story of a mother and her disabled son. NIHAL - a boy born to silence. His mother - convinced, in the teeth of all advice, that he can communicate and live a rich life.

Blair's Children, by April de Angelis, Georgia Fitch, Anders Lustgarten, Mark Norfolk and Paula Stanic, late evenings 5 to 22 June 2013. Five characters in a London coffee shop reveal their thoughts and feelings directly to the audience, who learn first-hand how the Blair era impacted the lives of a generation.

Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, version by Infinite Space Theatre, from 10 to 26 Oct 2013. Infinite Space Theatre's Macbeth is set behind the pristine closed doors of the City. Birnam Wood and Dunsinane Hill are two organisations engaged in a hostile takeover. The witches are police and journalists. Macduff is female, pushing for the representation on the Board which women so woefully lack. And Lady Macbeth plays her cards rather differently, using her husband as a vehicle to vault her desire for power. This is still a play about blood, only the way in which it is spilled has been updated and contemporised.

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