Coming up at the Etcetera Theatre in early 2011

Four shows announced at the Etcetera Theatre, a fringe venue in Camden, north London.

12 to 14 Jan 2011
The Babykillers
a dark comedy by Phil Hooks. Salt-Pillars of the community, grinding gears of the BigSoc, Fleck the Destroyer and Wart the Feeble lust after lucre. Our young heroes babysit a wee kiddie-lad with intention to burglarying the house. However, when Bonnie Prince Baby meets a sticky end on the living room wall and the youngling’s nanny Miss Nipp rings upon the ding-dong, we’re all in a gory old pickle.

18 to 23 Jan 2011
by Paul Ferguson. Miller is a play about moments; the moments that we never talk about, moments that will prompt both a teary eye and a hearty laugh. Miller is the heartwarming story of the bond between a father, son and their love of football. In an age of single parent families, how important is a fathers role in shaping a child’s future?

1 to 6 Feb 2011
At First Sight
by Barney Norris.Produced by Up in Arms . Two young people meet and spend a New Year together in Salzburg. Holly is there on holiday with her parents; Jack plays piano in the hotel bar. Their story is told through a collage of exchange and recollection.

22 to 27 Feb 2011
Dial M for Latchkey
by Scott Fivelson. Directed by Nick Pelas. We tried to dial M for Murder. But instead, we accidentally dialed L for Latch-Key... A plotting husband who strongly resembles Ray Milland... A framed wife as eleganced out as Grace Kelly... An Inspector straight out of Monty Python...

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