Coward by James Martin Charlton - White Bear Theatre

Just Some Theatre Company presents Coward by James Martin Charlton, at the White Bear Theatre, a fringe venue in Kennington, south London, 22 Oct to 10 Nov 2013.

Directed by Terrence Mann, cast includes Jake Urry (Noel Coward), Peter Stone (Cole Lesley), Josh Taylor (Leonard Marlowe)

Set in the lively and ostentatious 1930’s, a speculative play about the life of the playwright, performer, musician and wit Noel Coward and his relationship with a struggling young actor named Leonard. Leonard is star struck and taken in by Noel’s signature charm and wit. Lured away from his girlfriend and his faith, Leonard is seduced by the lifestyle Noel promises him. But will Leonard ever become the great actor he always wanted to be, or is the part Noel has in mind for him more amorous than it is theatrical? All the while, events are observed and stage-managed by Noel's personal assistant, Cole Lesley, the epitome of the good and faithful servant.

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