CP Theatre new writing Season at the Barons Crt 25 May

CP Theatre productions presents a New Writing Season at the Barons Court Theatre, a fringe venue in West Kensington, from 24 May to 5 June 2011.

Two news plays will perform as a double bill in the first week, and two more new plays perform as a double bill the second week.

24 to 29 May 2011
Plays on the Mind / Autumn Leaves, a double bill by Michael Sands. Plays on the Mind is directed by Andrew Cleaver, and features Tom Webster, Tony Rowden, Vicki Claringbold, Gareth Davies, Lucy Wills, Will O'Connell. In a secure hospital ward 'The Writer' types his memories onto his laptop, trying to remember a family long gone, alone but for his sister Suzy who visits when she can. Yet soon she too will leave. Unable to handle the loneliness, one of his characters comes back to help make sure she never does... Autumn Leaves is directed by Noel Le Bon, and features Andy Hamilton, Miranda Harrison. On a park bench in Greenwich, two friends meet for the first time in years, but as they discuss the past, the man has to say to her something that will change their friendship forever. But is the risk of losing her too great to say what he wants?

31 May to 5 June2011
Bystanders / The Tiniest Poem in the World, a double bill. Bystanders by Tracey Sinclair, is directed by Barrie Addenbrooke, and features Andrew Cleaver, Sharita Oomeer, Hannah Ivory. Martin and Ailsa are a happily married couple heading gently into middle age when their life is disrupted by the arrival of journalist Katrina, who has stumbled on a secret from Martin's past. For Katrina this is the literary scoop of the decade. For Martin, it’s the resurfacing of a life he thought he'd left behind. The Tiniest Poem in the World by Gareth Strachan, is directed Lindy Henny, and features Lara Wilks Sloan, Caroline Short. A tired poetry competition, two tired ladies and too much wine. A brief look at the search for perfection.

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