Dr Faustus by C. Marlowe, version by Bernie C. Byrnes

Network Theatre Company presents Dr Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe, abridged version by Bernie C. Byrnes, at the Network Theatre, under Waterloo Station, from 20 Feb to 2 March 2013.

London 1977, against a backdrop of IRA bombs, eminent physician Dr Faustus despairs at the lottery of death and destruction. He damns the law, science and God, dicing with the devil for ultimate power in exchange for his soul. Four and twenty years of absolute power and corruption later, as we reach the new millennium, the devil collects from Faustus. Did our hero choose his own way or was his destiny predetermined? If we are all truly damned, what point is there in being good? Meanwhile, man still struggles with his place in the universe, religious troubles continue to dominate the news, and random bombings lend an air of chance to any journey.

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