Electra; Her Life and Orestes; His Fall by Lazarus Theatre Company at the Space from 23 Aug to 17 Sep 2011

Lazarus Theatre Company presents Electra; Her Life and Orestes; His Fall , after Euripides , in repertoire at The Space, in Isle of Dogs, east London from 23 Aug to 17 Sep 2011.

Electra; Her Life is directed by Gavin Harrington-Odedra. Wife, daughter, sister and Greek, Electra, child of triumphant Agamemnon must search for her own identity, purpose and existence. This devised ensemble piece will explore this unique woman through the use of movement, text and song, and questions who is Electra?

Orestes;His Fall is directed by Ricky Dukes. The King is dead, the country in mourning, Orestes along with his sister Electra plot to avenge their father’s death by capturing and torturing his murderer their own Queen and mother, Clytemnestra. The country must decide the children’s fate, amnesty or revenge.

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