Every Year, Every Day, I Am Walking by Magnet Theatre of South Africa at Oval House 24 Feb - 13 March 2010

The Magnet Theatre of South Africa production of Every Year, Every Day, I Am Walking , will be at the Oval House, a Fringe venue in south London, from 24 Feb to 13 Mar 2010.

Performed by Jennie Reznek, Faniswa Yisa. It is created with The Company, it has set design by Julia Anastasopoulos and Music composed and performed by Neo Muyanga.

Aggie and Ernestine are best friends. Playing together in their rural idyll, life couldn't be happier. That is, until their lives are shattered by violence. Aggie and her mother are forced to flee their homeland, leaving behind the rest of their family, and to Aggie's despair, Ernestine. Travelling from their central-African village, they make their way to the Promised Land - South Africa and its metropolitan hub, Cape Town.

Two actresses trace the story of Aggie and her mother as they travel across Africa to an alien environment. Using little, but multi-lingual spoken dialogue, the story is told through physical images and through the evocative musical text: a drawing of the pastoral village is burnt by hooded militia; pairs of shoes in the actors' hands trudge across sprinkled sand; and Cape Town¹s skyline is revealed in wire mesh.

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