Finborough Theatre new season announced to 14 July

The Finborough Theatre in Earl's Court, west London, has announced its new season from 24 April to 14 July 2012, which includes...

24 April to 19 May 2012
His Greatness, by Daniel MacIvor, directed by Che Walker, designed by Jean Marc Puissant, lighting by Arnim Friess. Produced by Rigden Entertainment Adam Blanshay, Natalie Macaluso, and Ken Denison. Inspired by a ‘potentially true story’ during the declining days of Tennessee Williams, His Greatness is an intimate insight into the mind of a familiar public figure, grappling with the loss of former glory and desperate for a return to form and success. Three men; a great American playwright, his trusted and loyal assistant, and a young Canadian street hustler find themselves together for two days in a hotel room in Vancouver. What follows is a battle for power, love and loyalty. This is the story of living with greatness and the pain of its inexorable decline.

22 May 2012 to 16 June 2012
Events While Guarding The Bofurs Gun, by John McGrath, directed by Robert Hastie. Produced by Tarves Productions in association with Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre. Germany, 1954. A bitterly cold winter in the early years of the Cold War. In a wind-swept corner of a British Army base, six soldiers are posted to guard an obsolete anti-aircraft gun. Their task is futile and the gunners know it. Placed under the command of an inexperienced teenager, their boredom turns to frustration and their thoughts turn to trouble as the banter and squabbles of the barrack room harden into a battle of wills between the callow NCO and a disillusioned fighting man with his finger on the self-destruct button.

19 June to 14 July 2012
The Drawer Boy, by Michael Healey, directed by Eleanor Rhode. Produced Snapdragon Productions and Nicola Seed in association with Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre. Miles, an energetic and idealistic young actor, knocks on the door of an isolated farmhouse in rural Canada, seeking material for a new play he’s working on. He discovers Morgan, a gruff farmer working tooth and nail to survive, and Angus, his lifelong friend, who has long since lost track of the world. But when the farmers let the city-boy into their home, Miles’ search for a story gradually unearths a devastating truth that threatens to destroy the tranquil lives of his hosts forever.

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