Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon by Sarah E. Pitard

Paradigm Theatre Company presents Freedom, Books, Flowers, and the Moon, by Sarah E. Pitard, adapted fantasia of two of Oscar Wilde's short stories The Nightingale and the Rose and The Happy Prince, at the Waterloo East Theatre, south London, from 6 to 25 Nov 2012.

A play about unconditional love and self-sacrifice. Pre-WW2 Germany: the Gypsy community is beginning to suffer under the Nazi Regime. The 1st Act: Florica, a young Gypsy woman, is desperately in love with Besnik. However, he is in love with a German girl, Helen, who asks for one gift in return for her love--the most beautiful rose in the world. Despite the warnings from her brother, Tomas, Florica makes it her ultimate ambition to find the perfect rose for Besnik to give, in an act of selfless love. The 2nd Act: A sick young Gypsy child, Isabella is found on the doorstep of the elderly German, Mr. Prin, and a friendship blossoms. Together they embark on a mission to prevent as many people as possible from being transported to the concentration camps.

Cast includes Jonathon West, Lee Lytle, Jeremy Gagan, Bethan Hanks, Anthony Acosta, John Handscombe, Tamar Karabetyan, Theo Ancient, Holly Clark.

Directed by Cat Robey, designs & costumes by Zanna Mercer , lighting by Adam Foley.

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