Gala performance of Rolling with Laughter

Gala performance of Rolling with Laughter

A Gala performance of Rolling with Laughter, in aid of The Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, is at Her Majesty's Theatre on Sunday 30 March 2008 with Natasha Wood.

It is written by Natasha Wood & Beverly Sanders, and directed by Cameron Watson.

Born with the same genetic disorder which means she's too weak to even lift a pint of beer, Natasha Wood shows us that nothing has stood in the way of her full-frontal assault on life.

After a childhood spent working on her parents’ lingerie stall, and befriending her local working neighbours whilst living in Nottingham’s red light district, Natasha became an actress before excelling at the BBC working behind the scenes. After a fourteen year career and travelling the world she resigned her New York post, had a boob job, bought a car and drove across America to Hollywood where she decided to set out on the journey that has led her to the West End.

Last year she walked into the offices of Her Majesty’s Theatre and talked them into giving her the theatre for the night. Achieving her dream, Rolling with Laughter tells the story of a life lived to its fullest.

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