Hamlet- the comedy! at Jackson's Lane Theatre

Oddsocks Productions' national touring production of Hamlet - the Comedy!, is at the Jackson's Lane Theatre in Highgate, north London, from 28 Feb - 5 Mar 2011.

Directed by Andy Barrow, with set and multi-media design by Kee Ramsorrun. Cast includes Kevin Kemp (Hamlet), Bethan Nash (Ophelia) Robert Laughlin (Claudius), Elli Mackenzie (Gertrude/Horatio) and Andy McGillan (Polonius/Leartes).

Magician and entertainer, Paul Daniels is appearing, via hologram, as the ghost of Hamlet’s father(Note, Paul Daniels does not personally appear in the play!)

Oddsocks Productions are known for their family friendly adaptations of Shakespeare's classics, which uses humour to help make Shaekespeare accessible to new audiences.

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