Heaven in Berlin by Hobo Theatre at Testbed1

Hobo Theatre presents Heaven in Berlin by Ciaran McConville, a promenade performance at Testbed1, a large non-theatre space in Battersea, south London, from 25 Sep to 23 Oct 2013.

Live music, choreography and promenade performance combine to capture the spirit of Berlin in the 1980s: a city at the front line of the Cold War and a hotbed of artistic exploration.

It is directed by Jamie Harper, designed by Moi Tran, lighting by Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson, sound by Josh Richardson. Cast includes Ian Bailey, Annabel Capper, Boris Mitkov, Heather Nimmo.

"Heaven in Berlin is a play with live music about families, freedom and the supernatural. Loosely based on The Tempest, the island city of Berlin is the setting of a story of exile, parents and children, domination of the weak and liberation through beauty and faith in strange magic. The production is both domestic and epic in scope. Family relationships form the core of the drama but through the use of music, choreography and wide open space, we will move beyond a base of simple naturalism into a heightened performance state that is decisively theatrical."

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