"His Dark Materials" casting confirmed at National

"His Dark Materials" casting confirmed at National

Casting has been confirmed for His Hark Materials, which returns to the Olivier, NT opening 8 Dec 2004, following previews from 20 Nov and booking to 2 April 2005.

The cast includes David Harewod (Lord Asriel), Lesley Manville (Mrs Coulter), Michael Legge (Will), Elaine Symons (Lyra), John Carlisle (Lord Boreal), Adjoa Andoh (Serafina Pekkala), Mark Bailey (Billy Costa ), Michelle Dockery (Jessie), Vanessa Earl (Mrs Lonsdale ), Jamie Harding (Pantalaimon), Darren Hart (Roger), Don Gallagher (Iofur Raknison/Jeptha Jones), Ian Gelder (John Faa), Leo Kay (Golden Monkey) , David Killick (Farder Coram ), Pascal Langdale (Ben ), Samantha Lawson (Lilly), Elliot Levey (Brother Jasper/Kaisa), Emma Manton (Stelmaria) , Iain Mitchell (Professor Hopcraft) , Victoria Moseley (Salcilia), Helen Murton (Daisy), Chike Okonkwo (Dr Cade) , Harry Peacock (Tony Costa), Alan Perrin (Lee Scoresby), Alistair Petrie (Iorek), Dodger Phillips (Dr West ) , Samuel Roukin (Thorold/Balthamos), Nick Sampson (Fra Pavel), Rachel Sandars (Ruta Skadi/Betty)

This two part epic, which premiered at the Olivier, NT last year, is based on the novels by Philip Pullman, adapted by Nicholas Wright.

It is directed by Nicholas Hytner with Matt Wilde, designed by Giles Cadle, choreography by Aletta Collins, lighting by Paule Constable, and costumes by Jon Morrell

His Hark Materials takes us on a journey through worlds familiar and unknown. For Lyra and Will, its two central characters, it's a coming of age and a transforming spiritual experience. Their quest demands a savage struggle against the most dangerous of enemies. They encounter fantastical creatures in parallel worlds - rebellious angels, soul-eating spectres, child-cathing Gobblers and the armoured bears and witch-clans of the Arctic. Finally, before reaching, perhaps, the republic of heaven, they must visit the land of the dead.

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