H.M.P Macbeth Intermission Theatre St Saviour's Church

H.M.P Macbeth devised by Intermission Youth Theatre, written by Darren Raymond and directed by Fabian Spencer, at St Saviour’s Church, near Knightsbridge south west London, from 31 Oct to 23 Nov 2013.

Set in a female prison, Macbeth is an officer loyal to his Governor, Ms Duncan. However, after an encounter with strange inmates whose prophecy is that Macbeth will be Governor, he is no longer satisfied to remain loyal to his boss. Together with serving inmate Lady Macbeth, with whom he has a secret affair, they plot to kill the Governor and frame a fellow inmate. Although Macbeth has misgivings about killing the Governor, his evil lover convinces him that it is the thing to do. His lust for power throws the entire prison into chaos, but in the end will his own greed and guilt defeat him?

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