Immercity's Crashed - Lowerwood Court Car Park

Immercity presents Crashed, written & directed by Rosanna Mallinson, at the Lowerwood Court Car Park, in Notting Hill, west London, 19 to 27 July 2013.

A UFO has crashed in an abandoned car park in Notting Hill. This bizarre object is being analysed by Crashed & Co, an independent company recruited by the government to investigate. There are currently no signs of any life forms. Crashed & Co has been granted exclusive permission to give audiences a once in a lifetime tour of the crash site. This company would like to assure any parties interested that nothing untoward should happen during their tour, as the situation is completely under control… This is not a hoax. This evidence is available to all.

"Immercity creates immersive experiences that submerges the audience in a physical and psychological landscape. We set out to blur the lines of believability and create an alternate reality you can actually walk into and interact with. Collaboration between performers and designers is core to our process, creating our worlds and the people who inhabit them simultaneously. With a combination of improvisation, devising and written scenes we allow the shows to mould to the shape of the audience."

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