Indio Iris present Trash at the Rosemary Branch

Indio Iris theatre company will present Trash by Arthur M Jolly at the Rosemary Branch Theatre near Old Street, north London, from 8 to 19 September 2015, with an official opening on 10 September.

"Diane and Becky are two very different sisters who come together for the first time in three years for their mother’s funeral. Both are haunted by their own personal demons and have very different memories of the same events including the illness and death of their mother. Her final letter to one of the sisters was thrown away and in a desperate attempt to recover it from the rubbish tip, the pair of them, knee deep in filth, finally confront the resentment and abandonment that has defined the past few years of their crippled relationship."

The production is directed by Andrew Fielding-Day and will star Emma Shenkman as Diane and Georgina Philipps as Becky.

Trash was written in 2011, and premiered in Chicago in 2012 where it was a semi-finalist for the 2012 O'Neill Playwrights Conference and the winner of the 2011/2012 Joining Sword and Pen competition.

Tickets for the production are now on sale.

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