KDC announces winter season at Landor Theatre.

KDC Theatre, has announced its winter season at Landor Theatre, Clapham North, shows include:

22 Nov - 26 Nov 2011
Female Transport, written by Steve Gooch, directed by Nick Mouton, produced by KDC Theatre. Cast includes Becky Borland, Donna Easton, Teresa Joyce, Tom King, Holly McFarlane, Niki Mylonas, James Steer, Richard Williams, Nichola Woolley. This drama is an account of six women convicted of petty crimes in 19th century London and sentenced to be transported to a life of hard labour in Britain’s overseas penal colony in Australia. During their six-month voyage they are kept in a cramped cell below deck where the women gradually learn certain truths about society and themselves.

29 Nov - 03 Dec 2011
Anna Karenina by Helen Edmundson, based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy, directed byJane-Eve Straughton, produced by KDC Theatre, design by Alex Berry, costumes by Zoë Ashdown, lighting by Thomas Mannings. Cast includes William Baltyn, Aruna Buchanan Brown, Govind Hodgson, Tui McLean, Robert Myles, Sarah Peachey, Andrew Silverman, Stephanie Urquhart, Christopher Warren. Based on Leo Tolstoy’s story of an adulterous affair between the wife of a St Petersburg bureaucrat and a Cavalry officer, this magnificent drama of vengeance, infidelity, and retribution is brought vividly to life in Helen Edmundson’s adaption.

06 Dec - 10 Dec 2011
Talking Heads, written by Alan Bennett, directed by Victor Craven, produced by Emily Kate Stephens, design by Lucy Walker, lighting by Matt Hudson, sound by Tony Charlton, music by Paul Rissmann. Cast includes Anne Connell (A Lady of Letters), Caitlin Homes (Bed Among the Lentils), Miranda Moore (Her Big Chance) & Ian Recordon (A Chip in the Sugar). Alan Bennett's award-winning series of solo pieces are a classic of contemporary drama, universally hailed for their combination of razor-sharp wit and deeply felt humanity.

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