Last Night I Met You Dreaming from 6 July

Fit to Burst presents Last Night I Met You Dreaming at the Hackney Showroom, east London, from 6 to 18 July 2015 and then at the CLF Art Café, in south east London, from 27 July to 1 August 2015.

Directed by Rebecca Tortora, the production has been conceived by Rebecca Tortora and devised by Fit to Burst.

Synopsis: "In an absurd mechanical world, where nature is suppressed and speed is king, a journalist has forgotten how to feel. She is charged with writing an article about ‘The Region’ a lush green place on the verge of collapse. When her editor tries to block the story, supernatural forces intervene, her filing cabinets come to life and she is sucked inside. Here she meets Lola a storyteller and a host of spirits and mavericks who conspire to unravel the story and unlock her heart."

The play is inspired by the magic realism writer Isabel Allende, the activist and playwright Eve Ensler and the journalist Naomi Klein.

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