Lion and Unicorn Theatre announce further shows

Three further shows have been announced at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, a fringe venue in Kentish Town, north London

A Brief History of Timelessness with Matt Welcome, in repertoire 1 to 13 Aug 2012. Produced by Giant Rolling Sprout. Albert Einstein thought Time might be a ‘Persistent illusion’, but did not explain how. In these live talks Matt Welcome uses his stand-up comedy experience to present a talk that wraps this question up completely, and proves that Time does not exist at all!

Lucky You by David Bourn & Alasdair Buddington, in repertoire 7 to 23 Aug 2012. Produced by Giant Rolling Sprout. Starring Felix Dexter. Richard is a good man in a harsh and unpredictable world. Despite always trying to do the right thing he has had more than his fair share of setbacks – in fact he has his share, my share and your share too. Yet things seem to be on the up – he saves someone’s life, a promotion looms and he has a plan to win back his soul mate. Can things be about to go his way for once?

Dervish written by and starring Yuldosh Juraboev, in repertoire 8 to 23 Aug 2012. Produced by Orzu Arts. Nothing in this world lasts forever, and nothing belongs to us...The play opens with a wise Sufi Dervish telling his story through poems, rubayats, music and dance.

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