Lot and His God by Howard Barker at the Print Room

Lot and His God , by Howard Barker, at the Print Room in west London, from 3 to 24 Nov 2012.

Directed by Robyn Winfield-Smith, designed by Fotini Dimou , lighting by Peter Mumford, sound by Gregory Clarke.

Exposes the human truth behind the biblical legend of the story of Lot. Portrait of a marriage in the face of apocalyptic destruction. set the day before the city of Sodom is completely annihilated. Among the grimy tables of a run-down café, an angel meets Lot and his wife and tells them that God wants them to flee before the city is obliterated. However, Lot's irresistible wife has other ideas. As the angel and Lot's wife embark on a dangerous game of seduction, cruelty and desire, we are drawn ever deeper into the dark and impenetrable forest that is the marriage between Lot and the bewitching woman he worships.

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