Major Barbara at the Theatro Technis in Camden

Tower Theatre Amateur Dramatic Company will present George Bernard Shaw's classic play Major Barbara at the Theatro Technis in Camden, north London from 17 to 21 February 2015.

The play was last presented in London in 2008 in a production at the National Theatre. It is renowned as being one of Bernard Shaw's most intelligent and witty plays and one which offers a scathing satire on religion, charity, and capitalism.

"Set in London in 1905 during the height of British military and industrial might, this comedy reveals the conflict between power and poverty. Major Barbara is a woman on a mission to save the poor of society using charity and servitude, but her reunion with her arms-manufacturing, millionaire father who believes that charity serves only to keep the poor in their place, threatens to shake the foundations of her beliefs."

The production will be directed by Jacqui Marchant-Adams and feature designs by Michael Bettell, costumes by Lily Ann Green and lighting design by Rob Irvine.

The Tower Theatre Company are the only full-time, non-professional company in central London and stages up to 18 productions a year. They were founded in 1932 and have over 700 members who "get involved for the sheer love of it".

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