Making It! Davina Leonard at Dandelion Cafe

Making It!, a site-specific, one-woman show, written & performed by Davina Leonard, directed by Rae McKen, at the Dandelion Cafe, in Camden, north London, 12 to 18 Aug 2013, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival.

Jess is determined to walk in the footsteps of Dames Judi, Maggie and Helen as a bright new force on the London stage. But for now the only boards she treads are at the Dandelion Cafe, where she waits tables for her treasured customers while perfecting her craft, her only props a tea towel and a temperamental espresso machine.

The main narrative is about an actress's journey in trying to obtain a part, her rollercoaster ride through questionable auditions and exploitation, the so-called friend who stabs her in the back, and her attempts to pick herself up after a betrayal. The themes of the play are the lack of roles for women, how some women can be their own worst enemies, the challenge of children and trying to be an actress, patronising men, mothers with low expectations and the consequent sense of loneliness in pursuing acting as a career.

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