Many Moons By Alice Birch at Theatre503 from 17 May

Many Moons, by Alice Birch, at Theatre503, near Clapham, south London, from 17 May to 11 June 2011.

Directed by Derek Bond, designed by James Perkins, lighting by Sally Ferguson. Produced by Theatre503, Sophie Watson and paper/scissors/stone.

Cast includes Esther Hall , Jonathan Newth, Edward Franklin, Esther Smith.

Delves into the minds of four neighbours. In turn hopeful and resigned, they grasp for stability as they slide past one another on a seemingly ordinary day, unaware that their lives will converge in surprising and sinister ways... Juniper is looking for love, Robert is trying to avoid it, Ollie doesn’t know what it is and Meg has resigned herself to never having it. As these four people move through a July day in London, they orbit each other, unaware that they are hurtling towards one moment that could devastate them all.

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