Matthew Bourne's Cinderella - Sadler's Wells 30 Nov

A new production of Matthew Bourne's Cinderella, is at the Sadler's Wells theatre from 30 Nov 2010 to 23 Jan 2011.

London 1940… The Blackout… a siren sounds... A Journey through London during the Second World War. A chance meeting results in a magical night for Cinderella and her dashing young RAF pilot, together just long enough to fall in love before being parted by the horrors of the Blitz.

Matthew Bourne said: “I am bringing Cinderella back and into the New Adventures repertory for the first time, not only to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the London Blitz but also as a 50th Birthday present to myself! It has always been a very special project for me and I have for many years now wanted the UK to see the revised version of the production that we made for the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles in 1999. Many years have passed since that production, which no longer exists in the physical sense, so I am delighted to be able to present this brand new production which incorporates some of the LA revisions, and many new ones. My Grandparents and my Mum and Dad lived a couple of streets away from each other in the East End throughout the nightly onslaught of The Blitz. Cinderella is also my personal tribute to them”

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