"Members Only" at Trafalgar Studios 28 March 2006

"Members Only" at Trafalgar Studios 28 March 2006

Members Only, By Fabrice Roger-Lacan, translated by Christopher Campbell, will open at the Trafalgar Studios Two on 3 April 2006, following previews from 28 Mar - booking to 22 April 2006

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Directed by Marianne Badrichani and designed by Vicki Fifield and starring Robert Bathurst, Nicolas Tennant .

Who was it who said that a friend is someone you can phone in the middle of the night and say, 'I've just killed a man' and he'll say' OK, where's the body?' Adrien and Bernard are lifelong friends and business partners. It's Bernard's fortieth birthday. But Adrien can't come. Adrien has a big night at his club. And the crash starts there.

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