Modelling Spitfires By Vanessa Rosenthal - New End 16 Feb

Yellow Leaf Theatre presents Modelling Spitfires, By Vanessa Rosenthal at the New End Theatre, a fringe venue in Hampstead north London, from 16 Feb to 7 Mar 2010.

Directed by Alan Meadows, and starring Vanessa Rosenthal, Chris Wilkinson, Julie Higginson.

An exploration of middle-aged relationships and mental sickness.

Maurice and Marcia are a middle-aged brother and sister living in the well appointed home of their late parents. Marcia is happily planning her future when Maurice returns home from hospital where he has been a psychiatric inpatient for some time. He has some astonishing news for his sister Marcia - which threatens all Marcia's well thought out future plans. Who is the manipulator and who is the manipulated?

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