Murder Me Gently & Happiness by Alec Harris

The Crossroads Theatre Company and Tabard Theatre will present, in repertoire, the London premiere of Murder Me Gently and the world premiere of Happiness, both plays written and directed by Alec Harris, playing at Tabard Theatre, in Chiswick, west London, from 9 - 26 Mar 2011.

Murder Me Gently: When a Russian Journalist is shot dead on her doorstep, a conman and an Interpol agent unite to wreak revenge on the people they believe responsible; the Russian Mafia and the CIA. But while all’s fair in love and war, little is even civil in the world of international espionage. Who’s fooling who? Who’s on whose side? And what wouldn’t you give to torture an ex.

In Happiness, a new play written to celebrate Tabard Theatre's 20th anniversary, the arrival of a woman upsets the balance of two men’s lives. A quadripilegic and his father have been locked in a miserable but fuctional relationship since the death of the matriarch five years ago. When an appraiser for NHS budget cuts wants Lewis moved into a home their lives seem destined to change - quite probably for the better. But as each man starts to revel in their new found freedom, cracks begin to show in the seems of their relationship, culminating indesasterous consquences.

The cast includes Genevieve Cleghorn, Howard Corlett, Hélène Salvini-Fujita, Alec Harris, Alan Hay and Declan Lynch.

Lighting by Ed Hopkins and sound by Jerry Leeper.

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