My Husband and I at Pentameters Theatre

My Husband and I, devised and directed by Bernard Lawrence and Ceres Squire, at the Pentameters Pub Theatre, a fringe venue in Hampstead, north London, from 26 April to 13 May 2011.

Cast includes Toby Eddington ( King Charles II), Oliver Fabian (Prince Albert), Gabriella Gadsby (Queen Victoria), Eva Gray (Queen Catherine of Braganza), Bernard Lawrence ( King Henry VIII), Ceres Squire (Queen Catherine Parr), Godfrey Old, Oliver Archimedes & Leonie Scott-Matthews (Servants)

A peep-through-the-keyhole of a room in Windsor Castle at various times in history inspired by the plays of Houseman, Shaw and Baring, with historical costumes by Rebata.

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