N1 Theatre Company at Courtyard Theatre

N1 Theatre Company presents two plays at the Courtyard Theatre, in Islington, north London.

True, Dare, Kiss, by Debbie Horsfield, directed by Paul Gladwin, from 16 to 21 July 2013. Alice, Nita, Phil and Beth. Four young women whose personal and political development is charted through a series of love affairs, employment crises, domestic dramas and a steadfast devotion to football. Alice is disastrously married to Kevin, Nita wants to set up her own hairdressers, Phil has left home for the alien world of university and Beth is into the Punk scene. These four friends from school take different paths on the way to womanhood but are ultimately brought back together by the strong bond to their team.

Love And Human Remains, by Brad Fraser, directed by Howard Ross, from 23 to 28 July 2013.In a city of casual sex and broken dreams we follow the lives of six frustrated young people on their journey in search of the true nature of love in today’s jaded, cynical world. As they each accept their diverse sexuality and find worthwhile relationships, their lives are impacted by a brutal serial killer who is stalking the city streets. Meanwhile, their twisted troubles are all observed from the sidelines by an S&M prostitute with strange psychic powers.

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