National Theatre New Season to February 2013

The National Theatre has announced productions for its new season to February 2013

Public booking opens 24 Sep 2012.

New show in The Olivier Theatre...

by Arthur Wing Pinero , opens 21 Nov 2012, following previews from 14 Nov 2012, booking to 22 Jan 2013. Directed by Timothy Sheader. Cast includes John Lithgow, Nancy Carroll, Joshua McGuire. With his louche air and developed taste for smoking, gambling, port and women, it’s hard to believe Cis Farringdon is only fourteen. And that’s because he isn’t. Agatha his mother lopped five years from her true age and his when she married the amiable Posket. The imminent arrival of Cis’ godfather sends Agatha incognito to the Hotel des Princes to warn him of her deception. But it’s also where her son has cajoled his otherwise staid stepfather into joining him for a binge. High-spirited carousing leads to a police raid and a night of outrageous mishap as the trapped guests make desperate attempts to conceal themselves from the law and from each other. Indignities escalate at court the next day where Posket, the police magistrate, must preside.


New show in The Lyttelton Theatre...

by Alan Bennett, opens 7 Nov 2012, following previews from 31 Oct - booking to 9 Feb 2013. Directed by Nicholas Hytner. Cast includes Frances de la Tour, Linda Bassett, Selina Cadell, Peter Egan, Nicholas le Prevost, Frances Ashman, Philip Childs, Jack Chissick, Giles Cooper, Andy de la Tour, Jess Murphy, Alastair Parker, Robin Pearce.. People spoil things; there are so many of them and the last thing one wants is them traipsing through one’s house. But with the park a jungle and a bath on the billiard table, what is one to do? Dorothy wonders if an attic sale could be a solution.. Her younger lover Carpeta is approached to take over and seizes the assignment for himself.


children's drama for 11 year olds and above, by Suzanne Andrade, returns to the National Theatre from 12 Dec 2012 to 10 Jan 2013. produced by Joanna Crowley for 1927 Theatre Company. Seamlessly synchronizing live music, performance and storytelling with film and animation. Trust no-one. Suspect even your own shadow. Welcome to the Bayou, a part of the city feared and loathed, wherein lies the infamous Bayou Mansions: a stinking sprawling tenement block, where curtain-twitchers and peeping-toms live side by side, and the wolf… is always at the door. When Agnes Eaves and her daughter arrive late one night, does it signal hope in this hopeless place, or has the real horror only just begun?


by Simon Stephens, opens 28 Jan 2013, following previews from 22 Jan - booking to 7 Feb 2013. Directed by Marianne Elliott. Stockport, 1988. It’s midnight. Rachel, eleven, and Billy, six, wait in the car in agitated excitement. Their mother is at her wits’ end with all their chatter and fighting and dreams of Disneyland. She is about to leave them for good. Their father, drunk in the flat above, has locked the door. It’s a pivotal moment, the beginning of a thirteen-year odyssey for two kids, largely abandoned and growing up in the deprived suburban shadows of Manchester, a city that felt itself to be the most exciting in the world.



New show in The Cottesloe Theatre...

by Lucy Prebble , opens 13 Nov 2012, following previews from 6 Nov 2012, booking to 23 Jan 2013. Directed by Rupert Goold. A Co-production with Headlong. Cast includes Billie Piper, Tom Goodman-Hill, Anastasia Hille, Jonjo O’Neill, . Exploring questions of sanity, neurology and the limits of medicine.


children's drama for 7 to 10 year olds. Opens 13 Dec 2012, following previews from 7 Dec - booking to 26 Jan 2013. Written by Lucy Kirkwood and devised by Katie Mitchell and Lucy Kirkwood, based on the story by the Brothers Grimm. Cast includes Ruby Bentall. Two children lost in the woods... a trail of breadcrumbs... and a bewitching house made of sweets.



Productions Extending/Closing ....
Scenes from an Execution (extends now closes 9 Dec 2012)
Damned by Despair (extends and now closes 17 Dec 2012)

Special event...

Hymn & Cocktail Sticks
Two recollections by Alan Bennett, HYMN and COCKTAIL STICKS, will be performed in the Lyttelton Theatre. Alex Jennings plays Bennett in both pieces, which are directed by Nicholas Hytner.

HYMN,(Price: £15) a memoir of music in childhood, with words by Alan Bennett and music by George Fenton, (approximate running time: 30 minutes). The music will be performed by members of Southbank Sinfonia, with sound by Mike Walker.

COCKTAIL STICKS (Price: £25), an oratorio without music that revisits some of the themes and conversations of Alan Bennett’s memoir A Life Like Other People’s. A son talks to his dead father as his mother yearns for a different life. (approximate running time: 60 minutes)

Dates/ Times:
HYMN: 6pm on NOV 22, 27; DEC 18; JAN 8, 14; FEB 4.
HYMN: 2.15pm on SUN DEC 16 & FEB 10

COCKTAIL STICKS: 6pm on DEC 5, 15, 19, 20; JAN 4, 7, 12, 15; FEB 2, 9.
COCKTAIL STICKS: 3.30pm on DEC 16; JAN 13; FEB 10


New Platforms & Events....
Unless stated: 6pm / Length 45 mins

Bijan Sheibani on Damned by Despair
Wed 17 Oct, Olivier
The director discusses the production.

Frank McGuinness
Wed 7 Nov, Olivier
The playwright talks to PJ Matthews about his approach to producing a version of Damned by Despair.

Tom Cairns on Scenes from an Execution
Mon 12 Nov, Lyttelton
The director discusses his new production.

Howard Barker
Tue 13 Nov, Lyttelton
The writer of Scenes from an Execution talks to Mark Brown about his work.

Phil Redmond
Mon 19 Nov, Cottesloe
Mid-Term Report is the story of a working class lad from Liverpool, who created Grange Hill, Brookside and Hollyoaks, and became one of the most influential producers and screenwriters in modern TV history.

Alan Bennett
Wed 21 Nov, Lyttelton
Alan Bennett reads from his work, and talks about his new play, People.

Rupert Goold and Lucy Prebble on The Effect
Fri 23 Nov, Cottesloe
The director and playwright discuss this co-production between the NT and Headlong.

Ray Cooney
Tue 27 Nov, Cottesloe
To mark his 80th birthday, and his 66-year career, including the play Run for Your Wife, the comedy writer talks to Roger Foss, author of May the Farce Be With You.

The Political Diary
Wed 28 Nov, Cottesloe
Chris Mullin, former MP, diarist and author of A Very British Coup, joins Ruth Winstone, editor of Events, Dear Boy, Events, a compilation of the 20th century’s most renowned political diarists from Macmillan to Campbell, to discuss Britain’s political triumphs and disasters.

An Evening with Private Eye
Mon 3 Dec, 5.45pm (1hr) £5/£4, Olivier
Ian Hislop takes a satirical look at the events and people of 2012 with Craig Brown, Harry Enfield, Lewis Macleod, Jan Ravens and John Sessions.

Michael Morpurgo
Wed 5 Dec, Olivier
The author discusses his life and work with his biographer, Maggie Fergusson, and reads a new autobiographical short story from the book Michael Morpurgo: War Child to War Horse.

Theatre Quiz
Mon 17 Dec, Olivier
The annual battle for theatrical knowledge between two competing teams from NT companies, hosted by quizmistress Emma Freud.

Timothy Sheader on The Magistrate
Fri 4 Jan, Olivier
The director discusses his production of Pinero’s farce.

Mark Rylance
Mon 7 Jan, Cottesloe
The actor, director and writer reads from and talks about his first play, I Am Shakespeare.

In Conversation with… Billie Piper
Mon 7 Jan, Cottesloe 3pm (1hr), £5/£4
Afternoon interviews with members of the company, talking to Al Senter about their current role and career, and answering your questions.

The Annual Jocelyn Herbert Lecture with Christopher Hampton – Simplifying the Jungle
Fri 11 Jan, Olivier
Christopher Hampton, whose screenplays include Dangerous Liaisons and Atonement, worked with Jocelyn Herbert on two of his plays. He gives a playwright’s perspective on the role of the designer in the theatre.

Jonathan Miller
Mon 14 Jan, Cottesloe
The director, author, broadcaster, humorist and sculptor talks to Kate Bassett, author of In Two Minds: Jonathan Miller

Marianne Elliott and Simon Stephens on Port
Thu 7 Feb, Lyttelton
The director and playwright discuss the new production.

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