New Atlantis - an immersive theatrical experience

LAStheatre will present New Atlantis, an immersive theatre experience at The Crystal, a futuristic and sustainable venue in Royal Victoria, east London from 19 to 25 January 2015.

The show explores humanity's relationship with water in the year 2050 through a fictional intergovernmental organisation called 'New Atlantis' with the audience invited to take an active role as front line agents.

The cast will feature a mix of actors alongside scientists from University College London and engineers including BBC's Helen Czerski who will add to the futuristic narrative.

The production aims to deal with pressing and complex issues such as climate change and our relationship with water resources. It aims to celebrate intellectual collaboration and asks how the human race can deal with growing population and limited resources.

Barra Collins is the artistic director of the event, which will feature designs by Sean Turner and animation by Potion Pictures.

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