New musical Beyond The Fence at the Arts Theatre

The production will be directed by Luke Sheppard and has set and costume design by Tom Rogers, lighting by Howard Hudson and choreography by Cressida Carre.

Synopsis: "September 1982. Mary and her daughter George are celebrating one year of living at the Greenham Common peace camp. The group of women they have joined are all committed to stopping the arrival of US cruise missiles through non-violent protest. When Mary is faced with losing her child to the authorities, an unlikely ally is found in US Airman Jim Meadow. How can she continue to do what is best for her daughter while staying true to her ideals? Beyond the Fence is a powerful new musical about hope, defiance, unity and love."

Beyond The Fence has book by Benjamin Till and Nathan Taylor, based on Propperwryter, a musical theatre computational plot generation system created by Dr Pablo Gervas (Complutense University of Madrid), from an original idea generated by the What-if Machine as a result of the Whim Project[1] (Prof Simon Colton, Dr Maria Teresa Llano And Dr Rose Hepworth , Goldsmiths, University of London).

The show is decribed as a 'world first' and as being the world’s first ‘computer musical’ having been conceived by computer and also substantially crafted by computer. It has been modelled on a statistical study of the ‘recipe for success’ in hit musicals.

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