Not About Heroes at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Not About Heroes, written by Stephen MacDonald will be at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town, from 15 Nov - 03 Dec 2011.

Directed by Alex Brown, produced by Spartan Dogs in association with Giant Olive Theatre Company, designed by Helen Coyston.

Cast includes Oliver Powell, Mark Oosterveen.

‘Not About Heroes’ explores the relationship of the great war poets, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen during the final year of WW1.

Not About Heroes is Sassoon's recollections of Owen many years later, and the story of their friendship unfolds in flashback. With a practised eye and a glittering circle of friends, Owen's literary hero helped him to realise his desire to speak for his fellow soldiers - those in his charge and those whom he would never meet. The poets' output in the final year in particular exposed the horrific reality of life in the trenches.

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