The Royal National Theatre have announced their schedule for performances from 19th Mar to 26th May 01. (Public booking is now open if booking by post or fax, public booking opens 26th Feb 01 if booking by phone, in person, or through agencies


Opening in this period
The Winter's Tale
(Olivier, from 11th May)
Directed by Nicholas Hytner
Starring Alex Jennings.
A happy and successful marriage is destroyed by irrational jealousy when a husband suspects his wife of an adulterous affair with his best friend.

Find the Sun / Marriage Play
A double bill by Edward Albee
(Cottesloe, from 2nd May)
Directed by Anthony Page
Starring Sheila Gish, Bill Paterson, and Sheila Burrell.
FINDING THE SUN: Four couples arrive on a Long Island beach for privileged conservatives. Daniel and Benjamin, once lovers but now married to Abigail and Cordelia, still long to be together. / MARRIAGE PLAY: A portrait of a married couple in crises.

The Ramayana: Legend of Prince Rama
in a new version by Peter Oswald.
(Olivier, 13 Performances only, from 10th Apr to 21st Apr).
Directed by Indhu Rubasingham
A co -production with the Birmingham Rep Theatre Co. A beautiful, uplifting and spiritual tale of romance, following the adventures of Prince Rama and Sita. A theatrical journey full of music, dance and spectacle.

A Midsummer Night's Dream,by NT Education (Cottesloe, 5 performances only 2nd to 4th Apr).

The Good Woman of Setzuan
by Bertolt Brecht, in a new version by Tanika Gupta
by NT Education.
(Cottesloe, 18 performances only, from 20th Mar to 14th May).
Directed by Stephen Powell
Three Gods descend upon Setzuan, an area blighted by unemployment, homelessness and hunger, looking for one person who doesn't think solely of himself. If they find one, humanity has a future.

Closing in this period
The Cherry Orchard,(Olivier, 31st Mar)
Remembrance of Things Past,(Olivier,4th Apr)
The Walls,(Cottesloe, 11th Apr)

New Platforms and exhibitions announced

Aleks Sierz
(26th Mar 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)
'In-Yer-Face-Theatre' is the epitome of 90s drama...filfy language, nudity, sex, violence, humiliation, broken taboos and dramatic sabotage.

Alain de Botton
How Proust Can Change Your Life
(4th Apr 01 / 6pm Olivier)
Alain de Botton transforms the writings of Proust into a no-nonsense guide to life. He reveals how proust can teach you to enjoy your holidays, revive your relationship, improve your conversational skills, be a good host and decide not to sleep with someone on the first date.

Colin Teevan
(10th Apr 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)
Talks about "The Walls"

Indhu Rubasingham
(18th Apr 01 / 6pm Olivier)
Talks about "The Ramayana"

Edward Albee
(4th May 01 / 6pm Lyttelton)
Talks about "finding the Sun / Marriage Play "

Antony Sher
Beside Myself
(8th May 01 / 6pm Lyttelton)
Reads an talks about his auto-biography.

Tanika Gupta
(11th May 01 / 6pm Lyttelton)
Talks about "The Good Woman of Setzuan"

Nicholas Hytner
(18th May 01 / 6pm Olivier)
Talks about "The Winter's Tale"

Odon von Horvath Playreadings
The central character of Christopher Hampton's "Tales from Hollywood" is Odon von Horvath: the playwright who, in reality, was tragically killed in Paris in 1938. Rehearsed readings of von Horvath's plays, in two recently published translations by Penny Black, explore the rise of fascism in pre-war Germany.
(18th May 01 / 2pm Lyttelton)
A political Thriller
A Sexual Congress
(25th May 01 / 2pm Lyttelton)
A satirical comedy

National Theatre: Twenty Five Years on the South Bank
Special platforms celebrating 25 years on the south bank for The National Theatre. The first platforms looks back , year by year, on the NTs theatrical history. The events feature extracts and discussion with key figures talking about the most celebrated productions in each year.

(22nd Mar 01 / 6pm Olivier)

(27th Mar 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

(6th Apr 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

(17th Apr 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

(19th Apr 01 / 6pm Olivier)

(10th May 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

(16th May 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

(23rd May 01 / 6pm Cottesloe)

The Musical Years
12th Mar to 30th Jun 01
Through original designs, sketches and costume drawings, this exhibition traces the history of popular musical entertainment from commedia dell'arte to the present day.

My Fair Lady
16th Mar to 30th June 01
This exhibition focuses on the contribution made by the National's highly skilled production workshops, and includes examples of related costumes, accessories and props, in addition to some of the original designs created for this production by Anthony Ward.

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