Where are the oldest buildings you can visit in the UK?

There’s over 5,000 years of history to uncover on British soil, so get out and discover the best historical buildings in the United Kingdom.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Wanting a fun-filled day out with a historical twist? Wherever you visit on these shores, you’re bound to go back in time through the ages as part of a great day out. There’s over 5,000 years of history to uncover at some of the country’s iconic monuments, so get ready to uncover a world of British wonder. From castles to abbeys and even unexplained stones, don’t miss out on what the UK has to offer.

Stonehenge (Photo Credit: Mari)


Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors around the 75 stones at Stonehenge and find out about the historical landmark to draw your own conclusions as to its original purpose. Over 5,000 years ago, Stonehenge has been said to be a place off spiritual worship, as well as a burial site and for scientific observations.

However Stonehenge was created, it would have been unfathomably difficult to arrange the stones in place. Each of the 75 stones is said to weigh 25 tons. Due to its unexplainable presence, Stonehenge is one of the country’s famed locations, with tourists flocking from around the world to see Stonehenge for themselves.

Tower of London (Photo Credit: Drew de F Fawkes)

Tower of London

Built in 1078, the Tower of London has stood as a jewel of London’s history for nearly as long as a British monarchy has existed. As you walk around the Tower of London’s 21 towers, learn about the practices and attitudes that ruled supreme. See how many kings and queens you can name while walking past the paintings of past British monarchs. Just pray that the six ravens at the Tower are still there though; it’s a prophecy that if the ravens leave, the British kingdom falls.

Westminster Abbey (Photo Credit: Alison Day)

Westminster Abbey

Founded in 960AD and open as a place of worship from 1090AD, it’s no surprise that Westminster Abbey is steeped in religious and royal history. Once you’re inside Westminster Abbey, you’ll be able to pay respects at memorials of leading cultural figures: William Shakespeare, Charles Darwin and Sir Winston Churchill. Or you can dream of a life as King or Queen when you see the coronation chair — the seat where monarchs have been anointed for nearly 1,000 years. Even though tourists can visit Westminster Abbey to learn more about British history, it’s important to note that religious services are still observed daily.

Windsor Castle (Photo Credit: Jack Pease Photography)

Windsor Castle

As the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle is the world’s oldest castle to still serve its original purpose. Windsor Castle was erected in 1070, with William the Conqueror calling it home in the 11th century. exhibitions displaying regal history through the ages. As you walk around the castle, you’ll be able to view the Royal Collection’s paintings, tapestries and sculptures as well as St. George’s Chapel, where royal weddings have taken place. Its exhibitions display regal history through the ages, so if you’re taken by the Tudors or gaga for the Georgians, Windsor Castle is the place to enjoy a day of British history.

Warwick Castle (Photo Credit: Public Domain)

Warwick Castle

Located in Warwick, two hours outside of London, Warwick Castle is a jewel in the Midlands crown. Whether you find yourself in the Victorian Rose Garden or roaming around the castle’s turrets, visitors can discover how British monarchs lived centuries before social media and current technology.

There’s plenty of action at Warwick Castle too. Watch birds of prey fly around the castle all day long, or be wowed by the War of the Roses experience, complete with jousting displays that will truly immerse you in the Tudor period.

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