Orton the Musical premieres at Above the Stag, Vauxhall

Orton the Musical will have its premiere performance at the Above the Stag Theatre in Vauxhall, south London from 2 Apr to 4 May 2014.

Written by Richard Silver and Sean J Hume, this brand new musical takes a closer look at the real life story of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell - his long-time lover, collaborator and eventual murderer. Set against the backdrop of the social and sexual revolution of the 1960s, the narrative aims to dig deeper into their relationship and ask if Kenneth was simply jealous of Joe's success, or if there was anything more sinister lurking in the wings.

The production is the first musical premiere to open at the Above the Stag venue, and is directed by Associate Director, Tim McArthur. It features choreography by Phil Aiden, musical direction by Chris Huntley, set design by Andy Holton and costume design by Fi Russell. The cast includes: Kate Brennan as Tina, Valerie Cutko as Mrs C and Peggy Ramsay, Richard Dawes as Joe Orton, Millie Dunn as Emily Hardy, Simon Kingsley as Kenneth Williams, Robert McNeilly as Trevor and Andrew Rowney as Kenneth Halliwell.

Orton the Musical begins the day Joe Orton meets Kenneth Halliwell. It is the story of two "prickly, abrasive, funny and brilliant young men" and their ambitions for success and celebrity.

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