Paper Dolls extends two weeks to 28 April 2013 - Tricycle

Paper Dolls, has been extended by 2 weeks to 28 April 2013 at the Tricycle Theatre, a 230-seat venue in Kilburn, north London.

Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, adapted by Joe Evans and Linnie Reedman, Paper Dolls, opened at the Tricycle Theatre 6 March 2013, following previews from 28 Feb 2013.

In Tel Aviv, Israel, a group of Filipino immigrants work as live-in care--givers for elderly Orthodox Jewish men. Six days a week, they provide dedicated support to their employers. But on the seventh day, they transform into a homespun, sassy musical drag act. Meet the Paper Dolls!

Cast includes Tom Berish, Jane Bertish, Noa Bodner, Ron Domingo, Ilan Goodman, Shimi Goodman, Francis Jue, Jeffry Kaplow , Tom Oakley, Angelo Paragoso, Jon Norman Schneider, Caroline Wildi, Benjamin Wong.

It is directed by Indhu Rubasingham , designed by Richard Kent, lighting by Oliver Fenwick, choreography by Alistair David, sound by Ben and Max Ringham.

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