Peter by George Hull at Shaw Theatre from 11 Aug

Anatrope Theatre presents Peter by George Hull, directed by Amalia Kontesi, at the Shaw Theatre, in Euston, central London, from 11 to 19 Aug 2011, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival.

Daniel Lawson is an ordinary teenager from North London. He rebels against his parents. He's exploring his awakening sexuality with friends - male and female - as well as by internet. And he's jealous of his older brother. But there's a twist. The brother, Peter, is thought to have performed miracles while still a boy, and now leads an unconventional Christian community in the U.S.A. On his return to London, Daniel is set on proving once and for all that Peter is a fraud. His parents, on the other hand, hope Peter will be able to cure Sandra Lawson of her terminal illness. Can Daniel unmask Peter, and set himself free, without betraying his dying mother?

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