Project Colony by Fourth Monkey at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Fourth Monkey Theatre Company presents a site specific production of Project Colony, created & directed by Hamish MacDougall & James Yeatman, a twist on Franz Kafka's In the Penal Colony, at the Trinity Buoy Wharf, in Docklands, east London, 2 to 27 April 2013.

The audience meets at a designated pick up point to partake in this unusual twist on the story of an elaborate torture and execution device. They are then escorted to a 1950s era colonised holiday camp where a travelling salesman has been invited to witness the execution of a condemned prisoner on a tropical island by the machine. Kafka's story is a complex hall of mirrors. Is this a brutal murder or a sacred tradition that's being eroded by modernity? When is it right to step in? As two children mourn their father a society hangs in the balance; they wait on the word of a foreigner to decide their fate. The audience is exposed to life on the island from both sides of the coin before returning to their pick up point.

It has designs by Vicki Stevenson, lighting by Pablo Fernandez-Baz, choreography by Charleen Qwaye, and sound by Jamie Flockton.

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